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Treetop Consulting
Growing Ideas.

What are your key messages? 

How do you communicate them in ways that get you noticed and sourced?

Where do you begin?

We'll take it from here.

Treetop consultants do the research and conduct the interviews, then apply their journalistic expertise to craft content and commentary that is reader-friendly, impactful and worthy to be published. In fact, many of our press releases are carried by news Web sites verbatim, as are quotes we developed for organizational leaders.
If someone else writes my speech, will it sound like me?

Yes, it will. Because we'll take time to understand your point of view and study your vernicular so that the words on the teleprompter sound like they literally came from your own lips -- because, in fact, they did. We take the worry out of all types of writing and communication projects, and develop your ideas into messages, marketing campaigns, press materials, speeches, scripts and collateral that promote your cause, grow your business enterprise and support your advocacy efforts.

Writing services include:

  • Ghost writing (commentary and articles)
  • Script writing for television and events
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Talking points
  • Letters from heads of organizations
  • Special reports and white papers
  • Speeches

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